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Rules - 301. Field of Play

301.01. Dimensions:

    The field of play shall consist of two parallel lines, designated as foul or goal lines, parallel to each other and 14 m apart (15 yd, 11 in). The line shall be equal to the cumulative width of the scoring zones of the players on the team behind the respective line.

301.02. Surface:

    The playing field may have any surface, although well-trimmed grass is suggested, which is essentially flat, free of obstructions and holes, and affords reasonable player safety.

301.03. Markings:

The foul or goal lines shall be marked with a non caustic material and shall be between 5 and 10 cm wide. The length of the lines shall be 15 m. As an alternative, a rope along the foul line, secured in place at the end of each line may be used. The choice of whether to use the rope shall be made by the tournament director prior to the start of play.

301.04. Spectator Control:

The entire playing area shall be separated from the spectators by lines or rope to insure spectator safety and prevent unnecessary interference of play.


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