O'Malley's Alley Dethrones Appleton

The 2017 US Nationals 

The 2017 edition of the US Nationals was once again held in the beautiful confines of Tourist Park in Marquette, MI, just about two hours away from the birthplace of guts. This year's field consisted of sixteen teams from various parts of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, and even a player from Taiwan (hi Paul Lui!). We had beautiful weather all weekend and even a rainbow sighting as teams battled it out for the Buck Buchanan Memorial Trophy. Saturday ended in shocking fashion as the record setting six-time defending champion Appleton Assassins lost in the winner's bracket to a Beer City team comprised of both Wisconsin and Michigan players. For the first time in many, many years, Appleton would begin Sunday in the loser's bracket. Meanwhile Beer City, Shottlebop, Carmelita's (aka Blame The Dog), and O'Malley's Alley would be the only teams to wake up Sunday in the winner's bracket. As expected though, Appleton caught fire and played angry as they dominated teams in the loser's bracket and earned themselves a spot in the finals against O'Malley's Alley (representing Marquette and Lansing). With the help of a hometown crowd, some heroic defensive plays by Mike Mullett, a series of tremendous bags by MVP Cam Verigin, and pinpoint accuracy by their offensive gun Michael Banghart, O'Malley's Alley capped off an outstanding undefeated tournament by taking both games in the finals and earning their first US National Championship. Congratulations to O'Malley's, a team that finally got over the hump and put an end to Appleton's record-setting win streak. 

Pictured below from left to right are:

Mike Mullett, Cam Verigin, Mike Houle, Adam Gannon, Moe, Justin Verigin, Michael Banghart, and Will Walden




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