Boomtown Qualifies for Netherlands

Sept. 8th, 2019

The 2019 World Championship of Guts Frisbee had a special feel to it as the winning team qualifies to represent the USA in the Netherlands in 2020 (since cancelled, thanks Covid) as part of the WFDF World Ultimate and Guts Championships. The defending champions the Appleton Assassins arrived fully loaded with a squad full of gold medalists for the Labor Day weekend tournament. The Boomtown Saints picked up Derek Stone in an effort to dethrone Appleton. Shottlebop made two key free agent acquisitions and showed up with Keenan Jackson from ABQ and Marquette's Cam Verigin wearing the white and orange. 

Saturday went as scheduled and ended with Appleton, Boomtown, Shottlebop and Blame the Dog remaining in the winner's bracket. On Sunday morning Mother Nature decided not to cooperate with our plans and rained down on us for the first three hours of competition. It is Guts though, the original extreme sport, so we played through it and after lunch the sun was shining when it came time for the best teams in the country to shine. 

As the field was pared down and teams were eliminated we saw fantastic games side-by-side on fields one and two that both featured remarkable (and almost identical) comebacks. Bobby Kronk's Hipsters (aka TBD) were in a single elimination battle with Boomtown and had the Saints down 8-3 at the first switch and 19-14 after the third switch. Next to them Blame the Dog raced out to a 14-8 lead and eventually a 19-14 lead as well over Buck's Brigade. Both Boomtown and the Brigade fought back simultaneously in two games that had spectators looking like tennis fans as they went back and forth between two insane comebacks. Both Boomtown and Buck's completed their comebacks at the same time and both won remarkable games 21-19. 

Boomtown, in almost identical fashion to last year's Detroit tournament, put their foot on Buck's throat 10-1 early and never let the Brigade up for air, disposing of them 21-12. The Saints then marched on and beat Shottlebop in a do-or-die situation by playing stellar defense against the star-studded lineup of Bop. 

In the end it was Boomtown looking like Boomtown circa 2013 as their defense completely stymied Appleton and their accuracy kept them scoring at a good enough rate to win both games one and two 21-16 and earning a trip to the Netherlands to represent the USA. Derek Stone was named the tournament MVP due to his fantastic hands, incredible movement off of the line, and tremendous outside man, outside hand accuracy with his two-finger. And just like that, the Saints have reclaimed the thrown that Appleton has kept warm for them the last six years. 

The Boomtown Saints (left to right)

Josh Martinez, Michael Banghart, Ryan Scott, Derek Stone, Jeff Banghart, Will Walden, Chris Walden, and Mark Banghart



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